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Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)

Efficient Environmental Site Assessments

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    Certified by Texas Board of Professional Engineers

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    Geotechnical & environmental engineering experts since 1995

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    2-3 week turnaround time for fast-track project scheduling

Our environmental engineering progresses your project.

Whether your construction goals are large or small, your success hinges on working with dependable environmental engineers who can align with your specific requirements and timeline. At Terradyne, you partner with industry veterans, boasting nearly three decades of proven innovation, professionalism, and a results-oriented approach.

Our team delivers practical environmental site assessments and land development consulting that ensures your project's punctual and precise completion. Given that subsurface issues often lead to time delays and excessive costs, our engineers meticulously assess the land conditions and propose design solutions that are practical, cost-effective, and technologically advanced.

Environmental Due Diligence to Start Your Project Right

Use our environmental engineering services to facilitate the land acquisition or as part of your pre-construction land assessment. Our ecological reporting ensures you know all the details of your specific project's needs before you start.

Consult with us on all environmental due diligence investigations:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Phase II Environmental Investigation
  • Wetland survey
  • Endangered species surveys
  • Fault Studies
  • Soil, water, and chemical sampling
  • Environmental Impact Study

Where science & construction work for everyone.

With Terradyne, you experience a streamlined, trusted approach to your land development project where your goals are front and center. With projects in Texas and Colorado, our environmental engineering services assess all types of land and subsurfaces to provide thorough reports that offer clear-cut and practical recommendations.

By partnering with us during land evaluations and soil testing and relying on our continual support through our construction materials testing services, you can bring your project to fruition quickly, accurately, and confidently.

Read our testimonials to learn more about how our services have helped our clients achieve their goals.

Circle Caret Icon Beginning Stages

Our project managers thoroughly understand your project details from the get-go. Then our team ensures adherence to relevant local, city, and state codes and regulations.

We guide you through compliance with mandates specified by both formal and geographically related agencies and entities involved in the project. Our extensive exploration process has been shown to circumvent unexpected challenges or delays and move your project forward more quickly.

Circle Caret Icon Consistent Communication

Grasping the project specifics is crucial for our evaluation and examination procedures. In order to guarantee this, the project leader ensures that field staff fully comprehend these aspects prior to their task allocation.

For the facilitation of smooth communication between your entire project team and our personnel, we make sure project blueprints and specifications are easily accessible in both physical and digital formats, accompanied by ASTM and TXDOT testing procedures.

Our team notifies you regularly with updates, reports, and recommendations so you can work with your architects, contractors, and project managers to make design decisions or changes efficiently and with peace of mind.

Circle Caret Icon Integrated Departments

Swift interaction among you, our staff, and your project team enables us to resolve any problems that may emerge quickly. Our team works in sync with our geotechnical engineers to ensure timely testing and responses to construction-related queries and operational procedures in the field.

With labs and geotech engineers in every city we operate, our internal staff provides accelerated suggestions that ensure your project remains on schedule.

Get expert ESAs & land development consulting!

  • Terradyne uses a time-honored methodology that combines efficient, repeatable approaches with the flexibility to adapt to new technology and conditions. The result is capable services for any unique project you can conceive.
  • Our labs in Round Rock and Carrollton, Texas, and Aurora, Colorado, are AASHTO accredited.
  • Benefit from both our expedited turnaround time and real-world solutions. Because you need to know the options to move your project forward as soon as possible, our team provides crucial insights in 2-3 weeks.
  • Our impeccable services extend beyond ESAs to include all types of soil reporting and geotechnical engineering services, and when your project is taking shape, get expert supervision from our construction materials testing department.
  • Work with a company certified in Texas and Colorado as a Minority/Disadvantaged/Small Business Enterprise and Historically Underutilized Business (MBE/DBE/SBE/HUB).

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