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Terradyne has done work for us on several commercial real estate projects. In all our dealing, they have been honest and ethical. In short, I have been impressed with their professionalism and would recommend them.

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Terradyne’s years of experience have resulted in an effective, professional, and reliable Construction Materials Testing (CMT) service and Geotechnical Engineering service. We have honed our methodology to be both efficient and repeatable, but also understand that each project is unique, with its own set of challenges, and we have the flexibility to quickly adapt our approach where necessary.


Upon award of a project, the Main Contact will inform the Project Manager, who will work directly with the client’s lead project personnel to develop a work plan and deliberate scheduling for CMT or Geotechnical Engineering services. This includes Terradyne becoming familiar with the project specifications, any applicable local/city/state codes and regulations, as well as any requirements of the agency or entity related to the project, either officially or by physical proximity. This widespread discovery process assists greatly in avoiding unforeseen issues or setbacks.


Understanding of project specifications is crucial to inspection and testing. The Project Manager ensures the field personnel understands each projects’ specifications prior to being assigned, and a copy of all project plans and specifications is maintained in our office, readily available to company personnel. In addition, electronic versions of ASTM and TXDOT test methods are available to all company personnel.The Project Manager maintains regular contact with contractors/project superintendents, as well as all Terradyne personnel. A hard copy schedule log is maintained at our office and is continually reviewed to ensure Testing and Inspection or Drilling schedules work in conjunction with the contractors’ schedule. This requires efficient communication, as contractors/project superintendents typically inform our office of required testing or inspection one day in advance. To this end, everyone at Terradyne is always in contact with each other via cellphone, and schedules remain flexible with adequate personnel ready to act accordingly as the Project Manager directs.


Construction Materials Testing involves daily reporting. Every field technician submits a report of testing and inspection performed that day. A daily field report recording the technician’s activity on the project is also submitted by the technician. The Project Manager verifies reports against the days’ schedule, ensuring all field results have been received, and enters them digitally. The reports are then sent to the client, with copies securely maintained in our office both digitally and in hard copy format. Working on this timetable allows for a smooth, complete CMT process that stays on schedule.


We utilize the latest in industry software, notably the Atser Materials and Construction Testing Management system, which allows seamless management of hundreds of projects and the capability to properly handle large-scope projects for local public entities. The field application provides Terradyne’s Engineering Technicians real-time data logging so that project reporting is continuously monitored throughout the project timeline.


Accuracy of tests rely on the quality of testing equipment, as well as the personnel performing the tests. Terradyne maintains top-quality equipment which is calibrated on a regular basis in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, as well as industry best practices. Besides scheduled maintenance, Terradyne performs regular inspections of equipment, as well as an “out-the-door” inspection before it hits the field. In addition, we conduct continual in-house refresher training programs, and field personnel’s work is routinely reviewed in the field by their supervisors. As part of our Quality Assurance Program, regular inspection of our accredited laboratories is performed to recalibrate equipment and detect any deficiencies, and our equipment, tests, and procedures are continually monitored to assure the most accurate and consistent results possible.

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