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Construction Materials Testing

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    Geotechnical & environmental engineering experts since 1995

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    2-3 week turnaround time for fast-track project scheduling

Exceptional construction materials testing since 1995.

Quality materials and workmanship determine the success of every construction project. Ensure yours meet every standard and reduce construction delays and future building performance problems with Terradyne’s construction materials testing department.

Our experienced and highly trained engineers can provide a quality control plan for your specific construction project. They will work with the owners, professional design teams, contractors, and city inspectors to ensure your project is substantially consistent with construction plans and specifications. From the very beginning of your project, get precise planning and soil reporting. Then, stay on schedule with a team dedicated to efficient quality assurance.

Maintain a Partnership Through All Stages of Construction

For quality assurance to be genuinely effective, our team partners with you from concept to vertical. With labs and fully trained in-house staff at our Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and Denver locations, every phase of your project can be inspected and ensured to be completed within the highest quality standards.

Our CMT services include but are not limited to..

  • Soil compaction testing and inspection.
  • Water and chemical injection and inspection.
  • Concrete and asphalt testing.
  • Post-tension cable inspection.
  • Reinforcing steel inspection.
  • Structural masonry testing.
  • Fireproofing materials inspection, and more.

We’re your eyes & ears on the construction site.

When working with contractors, our team delivers both proactive and responsive service that keeps your project moving forward. We have honed our methodology to be efficient and repeatable, but we also understand that each project is unique, with its own set of challenges. Our team has the flexibility to adapt our approach where necessary quickly.

While partnering with us, our experts guarantee exemplary service that previous clients have noted for the past few decades with large and small-scale projects throughout Texas and Colorado.

Circle Caret Icon Effective Communication & Methodology

Our project managers familiarize themselves with your project specifications and apply any local, city, and state codes and regulations. We also help you comply with requirements specified by agencies and entities related to the project, both officially and by physical proximity. Our widespread discovery process ensures that unforeseen issues or setbacks are avoided.

Understanding project specifications is pivotal to our inspection and testing processes, and to ensure this, the project manager guarantees clear understanding among field personnel before assignment.

To foster seamless communication between all of your project team and our personnel, project plans and specifications are readily available physically and electronically, along with ASTM and TXDOT test methods.

Circle Caret Icon Rapid Coordination

Our quick communication with you, your project team, and our personnel makes for fast solutions even when an issue arises. Our team coordinates promptly with our geotechnical and environmental engineering department for rapid testing and responses to field construction questions and capability procedures.

With labs and engineers in all cities we’re located in, our in-house staff provides expedited recommendations that keep your project on track.

Circle Caret Icon Regular Reporting

Construction materials testing involves daily reporting. Our field technicians submit a report of testing and inspection performed that day, and the project manager verifies reports against the day’s schedule, ensuring all field results have been received.

The reports are then sent to the client, with copies securely maintained digitally and in hard copy format in our office. Working on this timetable allows for a smooth, complete CMT process that stays on schedule.

Circle Caret Icon Quality Control

Test accuracy relies on the quality of testing equipment and the personnel performing the tests. Terradyne maintains top-quality equipment calibrated regularly per the manufacturer’s recommendations and industry best practices. Our experts also perform regular equipment inspections and “out-the-door” before it hits the field.

In addition, we conduct continual in-house refresher training programs, and field personnel’s work is routinely reviewed in the field by their supervisors.

As part of our quality assurance program, our accredited laboratories are regularly inspected to recalibrate equipment and detect any deficiencies. Our equipment, tests, and procedures are continually monitored to ensure accurate and consistent results.

Get guaranteed CMT quality assurance!

  • Terradyne is recognized as a Minority/Disadvantaged/Small Business Enterprise and Historically Underutilized Business (MBE/DBE/SBE/HUB), with certifications awarded by the Departments of Transportation in Texas and Colorado.
  • Our company holds AASHTO Accreditation in our Round Rock and Carrollton, Texas, and Aurora, Colorado laboratories.
  • Collaborate with us and have a single project manager ensure orderliness and maintain a consistent communication channel throughout your project. Plus, enjoy 2-3 week turnaround times and straightforward, actionable suggestions that won't impede your construction schedule.
  • Our engineering services encompass a range of tasks, such as conducting Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and providing expert geotechnical consulting in addition to our construction materials testing. These services ensure dependable land development that guides your project seamlessly from its conceptual stage to actualization.

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