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Our Mission

Terradyne was founded in Austin, Texas in July of 1995 with a vision that still drives the company today: building long-term relationships by creating and implementing practical, cost-effective, real-world solutions for our clients. Terradyne serves the private and public sectors with environmental engineering services and construction materials testing services. Terradyne’s commitment to customer satisfaction assurance has built lasting professional relationships with our clients. 
Whether we are providing a single service or managing a project from inception to completion, our experienced staff is committed to exceeding your expectations with structured “fast-track” project scheduling, state-of-the-art technology, and
hard work. We strive to continue our excellence and remain amidst industry advances, new standards, and laws. We are committed to upholding the highest standards in our profession so that we can ensure our clients the most technologically advanced and environmentally sound practices.


Customer Testimonials

Atlas Pools, Inc.

"We chose Terradyne for their exceptional communication, accuracy, and delivery. They are responsive, prompt and are a true project partner! In addition, they are extremely organized, efficient, and streamlined in their documentation. We highly recommend them and they are our first choice for all projects."

KB Homes- Austin Division

"I have used Terradyne for the past 20 years.  I chose to work with them because of their dedication to the needs of my business and their "can-do" attitudes. Their engineering is concise and always delivered timely.  Terradyne frequently exceeds expectations.  I can, with confidence, recommend Terradyne to anyone with Geotechnical Engineering needs."

Meritage Homes

“Terradyne is a pleasure to work with. From top to bottom, their staff is responsive, knowledgeable, and professional. They communicate and set expectations appropriately. Time is money in our business and Terradyne recognizes that – they mobilize crews and generate high-quality reports with speed and accuracy. Their ability to think outside the box to solve problems gives their clients a competitive advantage in delivering projects on time and under budget.”

Humn Lab + Architecture

"I heard about Terradyne from a fellow architect who had many great things to say about them. I recommend them to everyone now! They get reports to me in a timely manner, they are always responsive and responsible. Sean P. in California is the best!"

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