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According to the American Society of Foundation Engineers, “Subsurface problems are the principal cause of construction delays and cost overruns.” Terradyne thoroughly evaluates the subsurface conditions and provides design recommendations utilizing the most practical, economical and technologically sound solutions.Terradyne provides geotechnical engineering services for a wide variety of clients including industrial, institutional, governmental, commercial and residential projects. Investigations are performed to determine subsurface conditions to provide design recommendations and construction criteria. We have the technical capability and equipment to perform investigations throughout several states across the United States.Terradyne’s technical staff has the education and project experience to analyze and characterize surface and subsurface conditions. Our Geotechnical Engineers base their design recommendations on detailed information and experience with a variety of conditions.



  • Foundation Type/Depth/Allowable Bearing Criteria for All Ranges of Vertical Loads

  • Lateral Load Capacity of Horizontally Loaded 

  • Foundations

  • Below Grade Soil Stress Analyses for Active, At Rest, And Passive Pressures

  • Evaluation of Potential Vertical Movements and Their Effects on Foundations and Ground-Support Structures

  • Slope Stability Analyses for Earth Slopes and 

  • Excavation Cuts 

  • Soil Settlement Analyses

  • Pavement Design and Materials Characterization

  • In house Geotechnical Drilling

  • Lab Soils Testing

  • Atterberg Limits

  • Free Swell Tests

  • Unconfined Compressive Strength Tests of Soil Samples

  • Hydrometer Testing

  • Moisture Content Testing

  • Sieve in soils by washing-material finer than 75-um

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